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About Chef Chip

Chef Chip Desormeaux has been preparing food in Atlantans' homes and offices since the turn of the century. What began as an idea to earn a living doing what one loves rather than simply "to make money" has turned into a dream come true. 

Over the years Chip has brought his skills before some notable people as well as some interesting places. From preparing dinner in a park in Buckhead or in the middle of the art gallery at the Ferst Center, to being flown south to Naples for a week to prepare meals for a client. He's cooked for a former heavyweight champion of the world (yep, that's the guy!), the US ambassador to Canada, a couple of famous authors and even the man who's signature was on every dollar bill in the US under Presidents Reagan and Carter. 

Chip's roots are in southwest Louisiana. While the Cajun and Creole cuisines of Louisiana are his first and everlasting love, he also enjoys the bold flavors of the Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines.

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