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In-Home Dinner Party

True, delicious food prepared by a chef just for you and your friends is a big draw when inviting your guests. 

And, when the server brings the courses out to your dinner table, you'll probably pinch yourself to be sure this beautifully presented food is really being served in your own home. 

But, you know what's really cool about hiring my team to cater your dinner party? YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THE DISHES!

​This is also a good option for a catered wedding rehearsal dinner.

Small Plates/Appetizer Party

A small plates dinner is a fun version of a dinner party that's becoming more popular.  Say you're planning a dinner, but your guests will be ambulatory rather than seated.  Or, maybe you're just the type of person (like my wife and me) that always orders 3 or 4 appetizers at a restaurant instead of whole entrees.  Small plates is a better option.

For this service, I have a menu specifically designed with small plates in mind and that doesn't require a knife.  If you choose the small plates dinner, please let me know if your guests will be seated or ambulatory, as some of the menu items are better suited for one environment or another.

Please note, this is not a buffet menu, or a so-called "heavy hors d'oeuvres", where guests pick up food from a buffet.  Each item will be prepared by me in your kitchen, then served to your guests, one course at a time.


Would you like to have an AMAZING pianist for your evening? Caleb Houck is an incredibly talented pianist. Maybe he's available for your date. Visit his website here.

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