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​​​​​ThePortable Chef

Here we are in action!

Omelet Bar

The basic element of our breakfast is the live omelet station. I offer an assortment of items your guests can choose for their omelet. And I prepare their omelet right there on the spot.

My set-up is ideal for on office setting, where there is not a proper kitchen, as I bring my own burners.  I also have done many many omelet bars for baby showers and bridal showers.

The fee for a basic omelet station is $150 plus $2.50 per person. One omelet station can serve up to 50 guests in most circumstances. 

Choose from the following items to round out your selection, in addition to our omelet station. Most of these items are an additional $2.00 per person:

  • Bacon
  • House-made, fresh-baked biscuits
  • Home-fry hash browns
  • Fresh-brewed coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • Fruit platter

Specialty items, like my New Orleans beignets or buttermilk pancakes, carry an additional fee as they require dedicated personnel.

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Specialty Coffee Service

For our clients who really want to scale up their breakfast, I partner with my good friend, Todd Reddeman, with MochaMyDay Coffee Service. He is a portable barista. Todd brings the coffee house to your event with a full coffee and espresso bar!